King Pazuzu & The Lava Fire

This story begins on June 24th, 2021 when my husband first noticed smoke coming from an area around the base of Mount Shasta here in California.

My community is surrounded by forests and we sometimes get small fires popping up after a lightning storm; but because of fire-watchers and the occasional spotter-planes, these are usually put out quickly. So when the smoke was brought to my attention, I really wasn’t that concerned about it. We are also known for extremely high winds because of the mountain ranges around us. The wind gusts here are normally around 22-30 mph, but on occasion have easily reached upwards of 65+ mph.

And it is because of these gusts on this particular day that a few hours later, the fire went from 1 acre to 26,000 acres. Now deemed the “Lava Fire,” my community went from a Fire Warning to a Fire Evacuation in only a couple of weeks.

For the first week or so, we kept a vigil around the clock watching the fires. We took turns sleeping so that someone would always be watching as the fires crept slowly towards us.

On July 6th, the air around us was thick with smoke as I watched my neighbors pack up and leave in a panic after receiving the Evacuation order. My husband once or twice asked if I was sure it was okay to stay – something that I can’t honestly blame him for since my community was in complete hysterics – but I couldn’t shake the feeling that we’d be okay.

Because I have many rescued animals – 4 dogs, 3 cats, 2 reptiles, and 3 birds – we chose not to go since I wasn’t about to hand them off to strangers at a rescue area. I didn’t want to lose track of them in case they were moved to another facility because of overcrowding. They were already very frightened because of the commotion going on and the last thing I wanted was to stress them out even more with separation anxiety.

Was I worried? Yes, of course! Anyone would be seeing the mayhem going on around them, but through it all there was an overwhelming feeling inside me that all will be fine. And so, through the frantic urging of my daughter, friends, and neighbors to leave, I remained vigilant to that feeling. It’s okay if you think I’m nuts or a fool – that’s your right to do so – but it’s also my right to listen to my intuition, and my intuition was saying to stay.


There is a garden area to the side of my home where we usually sit and have coffee in the mornings with a great view of Mount Shasta. This particular morning, I sat there and while drinking my coffee marveled at the fire consuming everything in its path like a giant monster hungry for anything that got in its way. Fire engines screamed by, helicopters flew over heavy with water from a nearby lake, huge HC-130H aircrafts filled with fire retardant roared overhead, and when I looked over at my husband, I could clearly see the fear in his eyes.

I honestly had no idea how close the fire was until the bushes about a half-mile from our home exploded into a bright inferno and with the winds gusting about 20mph toward our home, I knew that if something wasn’t done quickly, we would eventually be engulfed. My husband laid his hand gently on my arm and looked at me with concern.

“Where is Southwest?” I blurted and his eyes widened in surprise at my question. Being a man of few words, he said nothing and instead pointed in the general direction of where it was which happened to be the back right corner of our house. I stood up and walked over to where he had pointed, then called out:

“Great King Pazuzu, son of Hanpa – I don’t know who else to call out to, so I’m calling out to you. I know I’ve never asked you for anything like this and I don’t have anything to offer you.  I don’t even have the right words to say for calling on you now, but I implore you to hear me. I need your help now more than ever. The fire is my enemy and is coming to consume us. Please… help me turn this fire away from us, and I promise you, when this is over, I’ll keep the pact I make with you now and I’ll make an offering of gratitude to you!”

When I was done, I returned to my husband and sat down again as the wind continued to blow hot air towards us.  Grabbing my cup of coffee I looked up at the smoke-filled sky wondering if my words were heard. For whatever reason, I began to believe that just maybe my words were not heard, when suddenly – as if someone turned off a giant fan – the wind stopped and everything around us became eerily still.

My husband’s words broke the silence, “Honey, the wind’s gone.”

Then just as suddenly as it stopped, it started again but in the opposite direction forcing the fire to burn towards itself in the path it just came from. Shortly thereafter, the fires near us were under control and the mop-up began. I spun around on my chair to face in the Southwest direction and simply said, “Thank you.”

When things calmed down, our neighbors returned home and the roads were opened up again. Eventually, I was able to purchase the specific items I needed for the gratitude ritual and one quiet evening was able to keep my promise.


In closing, it goes without saying that I’m deeply grateful to all of the firefighters that were on the line fighting the fires and those that are still out there today engaging with other fires.

I’m very grateful to my husband for trusting me and my magick the way that he does. I’d also like to thank, Baal Kadmon – a scholar and an incredible author who has taught me so much in my journey through the occult. His vast knowledge has opened my mind and my eyes to so many wonderful things, things that I am now able to teach others.

But most all, I’d like to thank the extraordinary King Pazuzu for our home… and especially for our lives.

Phoenix ♥


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