Tarot & Oracle Info

Before hiring my services, let’s first discuss what the Tarot and Oracle cards are and what they are not. You might have seen television commercials with psychics gazing into their crystal balls or might have even seen some ads on the internet with “mystical looking” people waving their hands over a Tarot layout claiming to be able to “tell your future.” Sadly, it is a terrible misconception that both of these cards are Fortune Telling tools.

Unfortunately for us, our future is not set in stone because we all have free will, and we can always make changes in the present moment to create the outcomes that we want in the future.

And that’s where Tarot and Oracle cards come in. They are a Guide that helps us understand the past (what led us to this point), the present (where we are now), and then gives us choices to make for the future. The choices we make will determine the outcomes that we want in the future.

Something important to keep in mind:

  • Tarot and Oracle cards work wonderfully when they are asked extremely well-thought-out questions.
  • Keep the questions focused on yourself.
  • Own up to the situation at hand. No matter how innocent you may perceive yourself to be, the fact is, you did play a part in what’s going on now.
  • Asking questions the right way will give you a deeper insight into the situation you’re in now or are about to go into.

What are Oracle Cards used for in a reading?

Oracle cards offer a deeper insight into Tarot card readings.

My Oracle decks will pick up the little nuances that may not be as clear in the Tarot cards thereby offering me an acute understanding of the situation at hand.

Things you need to know about me as your Reader:

⇒ Certified Master Tarot Card reader
Over 40 years of experience with reading cards.

⇒ I don’t lie. 
I’ll tell you the truth no matter what I see. If you want a Reader to blow rainbows and sunshine up your ass, I highly suggest you go somewhere else.
Remember, I’m here to help you – not be your personal sycophant.

⇒ I won’t argue with you.
If you disagree with what I’m seeing and think you know better, fine – I’m not going to get into a sparring match with you. The bottom line is, I’m telling you what I see, and if you choose not to accept it, then it’s not my problem.

⇒ I don’t give refunds if you don’t like the reading.
Yes, it’s that simple. Years ago, I offered refunds, but I have stopped that practice because of too many people abusing my kindness.

⇒ I have the right to refuse your request for help.
Sadly, not everyone that comes to me for help is sincere.
After evaluating your request, I will contact you to let you know if  I can help you or not.