Rest In Peace? Not Anymore

Ghost Hunting.

To me, that is the most disgusting title used in paranormal investigating. What gives anyone the right to hunt those that have passed on?

It is generally believed that when someone passes away and is buried, they are now at peace. If you stroll through a graveyard, chances are you’ll run across many headstones with carvings about resting in peace. But are they really at peace these days?

I think not.

Today, there are so many people traipsing around in graveyards, calling out for “signs,” demanding that spirits of the departed show themselves or interact with them somehow – as if spirits are in a circus-of-the-dead happily waiting to perform for the esteemed “ghost hunters” beckoning them. And what makes it even more loathsome is that they claim to be either researching the reality of ghosts or that their unconscionable actions will prove that there is an afterlife. But, the fact is, the majority of them are doing it for their popularity on social media, because, on social media, the more people they get to watch their videos, the more their chances are of getting financial rewards from the media company itself or from sponsors and advertisers.

So the bottom line is – they’re harassing the dead for money.

It doesn’t matter where they are – graveyards or somewhere that’s known to be haunted, the scenario is always the same. They go in with all their equipment, harass the spirits, then when they get an answer or some kind of a sign, they scream and freak the hell out because they’re now “terrified” – then all of them run away. Why freak out and run? Isn’t that what you went there for?!

Oh no wait, I’m wrong…it wasn’t for that – it was for the money.

My bad.

Then you have these so-called paranormal experts on television shows whose claims can be so outrageous that it’s almost laughable. Claims such as:

√ Most children spirits are demons in disguise
√ All cold-spots are portals to somewhere
√ All spirits that move things are around or make noise such as knocking sounds, are just trying to get your attention because they want you to know they’re there so that they can tell you their story.
√ All scratches, slaps, pokes, or any kind of “violent” contact – are from demons.

Good grief…

And let’s not leave out those paranormal shows that see a demon around every corner, every shadow, and every sound, then add a temporary touch of demon possession, along with a unit that just happens to spout the word demon every now and then, and – Voila! Their ratings go through the roof, their social media explodes, and money rains down on them from above. Thank you, dead people!


One interesting fact about all of this exploitation of the dead is that – not ONE of these “ghost hunters” or “paranormal teams” has EVER produced a video of themselves at a grave of one of THEIR family members asking them to perform for us.

So I guess it’s okay to exploit the dead…just not their own…


Want to know why they follow you ghost hunters, home? It’s because you were in THEIR homes and personal spaces FIRST! Why is it okay for you all to go to where they are to harass them, but they’re not allowed to come to where YOU are to harass YOU? None of you see yourselves as evil for doing that but as soon as they return the favor – they’re suddenly deemed evil entities.

Then immediately, you want them out of your home and out of your lives – well guess what? They want the same thing from YOU! But do you stop? Nope – instead many of you go right back and repeat the same crap you did before with complete disregard.

Want to know why you’re being violently attacked? Well, wouldn’t YOU attack someone that came into YOUR home or YOUR personal space uninvited? And if this same person suddenly began harassing you, wouldn’t YOU beat their ass? If you say no – you know damn well you’re lying.

Places that offer “Ghost Tours” are no better – they sell tickets to the public and some even hand out ghost hunting equipment for free or to rent. Again, it’s just all about money with no regard to the dead that resides there.

Do any of you see the hypocrisy in this?! Have any of you ever considered how disrespectful your actions are?!

Probably not, because you’ve never stopped to consider any of what I’ve just written since the amount of money you’re making or hope to make is so good, or simply because you believe that the dead have no rights at all.


Let me say this – the dead want to be left alone.

How do I know? Because I have been told this repeatedly.

You have no idea how painful it is to listen to a spirit say how much they yearn to be left alone. To hear how sad or angry they are about being treated like a chained-up circus animal forced to perform in the hope that if they do, maybe they’ll be finally left alone. You have no idea what it’s like to hear about how some of them had lives of abuse and torture and when their time came, they happily embraced death so that they could finally have the peace they’d desperately longed for – only to find out that even in death there is no peace for them. And that to them, eternal peace is nothing but a lie.

To me, this ghost hunting for money trend is the most egregious thing we, as human beings, have ever done to the dead.

I have no pity for those of you that go out hunting and end up the hunted in return.

Neither do I have pity for your nightmares, physical attacks, or home invasions.


Because as the saying goes…an eye for an eye…


Phoenix ♥



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