Stigma of Being A Witch

Malleus Maleficarum translated, the title reads: The Hammer of Witches. This lovely little book written by two illustrious German Dominicans in 1486 had become the foundation of identifying, hunting, and interrogating witches. By today’s standards, the popularity of their book went completely viral, and the “go-to” authority for a vast majority of religious zealots – first in Europe and then as […]

The Boy In The Hallway

There was nothing extraordinary about my elementary school except for the lovely courtyard that stood in the direct center of the surrounding classrooms. The courtyard was filled with fruit trees, flowers, and other assorted greenery carefully tended by Mr. Tanaka, the groundskeeper. A kind, soft-spoken man who had the gift of a green thumb, so no matter what he planted, […]

The Woman In The Ironwood Tree

In the middle of the patio grew an enormous ironwood tree. Its sprawling branches would cast huge shadows across the boundaries of the property belonging to my grandparents.  I was lucky enough to have a treehouse on one of its lower branches. There I would spend hours playing alone, and on windy days I would close my eyes and listen […]